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Silverfish Guide: Essential Facts & Details

Learn how to identify and manage Silverfish with our knowledgeable approach, contributing to the well-being of your home and family.
Identify silverfish

Types of silverfish

Silverfish are odd and creepy looking insects that seek warmth, damp, and shelter making pantries, basements, bathroom, and kitchen ideal dwellings. They avoid light and are agile runners, Silverfish are definitely not something you want to worry about running around your home.



How we get rid of silverfish

Silverfish like to live in environments that are damp and warm with access to food, dust, and water. We recommend cleaning thoroughly before treatment to encourage silverfish to stay away. Our experts can spot treat any areas or rooms where threats or potential silverfish threats exist.

Our pest experts take a tailored approach when treating your property and work to ensure that your concerns are addressed and your home is protected, inside and out. We’re dedicated to providing you with peace of mind and making sure you enjoy your home.

Silverfish FAQ

  • Do silverfish eat clothing?
  • Do silverfish bite?
  • Are silverfish dangerous?
  • Where do silverfish live?

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