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Once you submit your info, one of our pest experts will reach out to help you select a plan to fit your needs and schedule your first appointment.

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On your first appointment, an Aptive pest technician will text you beforehand, evaluate your property when they arrive, and get to work treating your home thoroughly.

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Establish your frequency

Based on your plan, Aptive will make regular visits to keep pests away. And if pests come back, so will Aptive, at no additional cost.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are there multiple services in a year?

Different seasons can bring different pests. Regular treatments throughout the year can create a barrier around your house that makes it difficult for pests to enter, reducing the risk of reinfestation as the seasons change.

How often does Aptive perform treatments?

Depending on your plan, we have different schedules to suit your needs. Following your initial treatment, your first standard service usually occurs in the next 20-60 days. After that, Aptive schedules recurring services during the year based on the service plan you select.

Why am I seeing more pest activity after my initial service?

The initial treatment is a flushing treatment. While it can reduce activity levels, it also draws pests out so we can target them more effectively at your subsequent treatment.

What kind of pest control products do you use?

All treatments are tailored to address your pest problems and chosen based on a number of factors: types of pests, time of year, location, and more. For a complete list of products we use, visit

What happens if I’m still seeing pests after a treatment?

It’s normal for pests to return. That’s why, under our plans, you can contact us after a standard treatment if you’re still seeing pests, and we will re-service your property at no additional cost. We are always here to help.

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