Aptive FAQ

What is Aptive Environmental?

Founded in 2015, Aptive is one of the country’s fastest-growing pest control companies. They provide residential pest control services to more than 3,700 cities across North America. Aptive is also a committed partner with the United Nations’ United to Beat Malaria campaign to help stop the spread of malaria and gives back a portion of its profits to the cause.

What does Aptive Environmental do?

Aptive offers year-round pest control for various insects and invasive species, including wasps, ants, scorpions, spiders, crickets, fleas, cockroaches, mice, rats, silverfish, earwigs, slugs, and snails.

Is Aptive Environmental Pest Control legitimate?

Aptive is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating from the organization. They’re also ranked as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Companies in America. Pest Control Technology ranked Aptive Environmental as the seventh largest pest control company.

Is Aptive Environmental a Pyramid Scheme?

Aptive is not a pyramid scheme. As a company that focuses on company culture and a family atmosphere, Aptive is dedicated to providing solid pay and benefits, work/life balance, and room for growth.

How can I get out of an Aptive contract?

Payments for the annual contract are in quarterly installments. Customers have the option to cancel their contract with a cancellation fee.

Is Aptive pest control safe?

Aptive’s first priority is the safety of your home, family, and pets. As an industry leader, Aptive’s goal is to provide customers with professional and effective pest control solutions that reduce potential health risks to humans, pets and the environment. Aptive is also a member of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, a program that engages communities in building awareness and reducing pesticide risk.

Are Pest Control services worth the money?

Pest infestations are frustrating and harmful, so hiring a professional pest control company can make life easier and homes more protected. Plus, pest control services prevent future infestations from occurring.

What is this going to cost?

Check your treatment rate and details about past and upcoming services in Pest Portals, our web customer portal. You can find it in the email you got when you signed up or log in here.

When is my next service?

Your home will be serviced every three months. If you are still seeing pests within that time, give us a call and we will come out for an additional treatment at no additional cost to you!

Why is there a balance on the account?

Log in to your online portal to view current balance as well as past bills. Log in here!

How do I cancel my appointment?

Please call in at 844-573-7111 to be helped with this.

My dog is friendly; if I am not home will the backyard still be treated if the dog has access to it?

No, our Service Pros are not obligated to go into yards with dogs and we recommend pets do not have access to treated areas until the products are dry which takes 30-90 minutes.

Can I just call you when I need service instead of being automatically scheduled? I’m not seeing any pests, why do I need a service now?

Our products last up to 90 days, so in order to ensure your home is protected year round, seasonal services are necessary as maintenance. We don’t want to wait until you see a pest to proactively protect your home.

Do you cover (specific pest)?

Lists of our covered pests is linked here, as well as common pests we do not treat for (i.e. wood boring organisms termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, flying pests like gnats and flies, the egg or larval stage of any bugs, wildlife like squirrels or lizards, carpet beetles, bedbugs, bees, etc.)

How long is a treatment?

Your routine treatment is maintenance and can usually be completed within about 30 minutes. Your initial treatment and inspection will be anywhere from 45-90 minutes. 

What does my routine service entail?

The Service Pro will go around you home three times during the service, once using a long brush to sweep any wasp nests or spider webs from eaves up to 20-25 feet, once to apply product to the foundation of your home to block off any cracks and crevices that small crawlers can use as highways to enter your living space, and again inspecting and spot treating the yard up to 30 feet out for any anthills or other pests’s harborages.

Why am I getting another service within a month of my first treatment?

All pest control treatments can only target the adult populations of pests at your home, so the first two treatments, the initial and your first follow-up, are 20-40 days apart to allow us to target the next generation, break the egg/nesting cycle, and set the home up to be protected year-round with seasonal maintenance.

Is this service exterior only? Is interior service extra?

Our service plan is exterior with interior upon request at no additional cost. The majority of our customers find that exterior maintenance keeps their home protected but we are happy to treat inside your home and/or garage whenever you would like.

Do we need to be out of the home during or after interior service?

For children under 2, pregnant, breathing difficulties out for two hours or for interior flea treatment for carpeted rooms we recommend vacating the home 2-3 hours.

Why do I still see pests right after my service?

If you are seeing pests right after your service, odds are you are witnessing the bugs flee your property! If after a week you are still seeing bugs give us a call and we will come back out.

What are fast/easy ways to get customer support without holding for so long?

How do I know that the service was performed?

See a completion report including what products the Service Pro used in the appointment summary automatically emailed to you and listed on the home page of your online customer portal. We use geolocation to track our SPs trucks. Mistakes can happen, so if you feel your home was missed, please contact support or request a full reservice at no cost to you.

Will treating during rain make the products ineffective? Should I reschedule for a sunny day?

All our products are water-activated. Treating in the rain does not affect the results unless there is any flooding or there is a torrential downpour. If these conditions are present, we will not complete the service or charge you and the appointment will be automatically rescheduled. If you the pests don’t go away we will come out for a reservice at no additional cost to you!

Why am I seeing more bugs now than I did before you started servicing my home?

The initial treatment is a flushing treatment. While it can reduce activity levels, it also is meant to draw pests out of their harborage areas or hiding spots so we can target them more effectively at your subsequent treatment, which will be automatically scheduled 20-40 days after the initial.

Do you clean up rodent droppings? Can you take care of rodents in the walls of my home?

No, we are not a rodent exclusion service and do not clean up rodent droppings. We do not cut into walls in order to target infestations within the walls of your home. We will utilize outdoor bait stations to draw rodents out and set traps in your home in strategic places which are likely to be high traffic areas for the rodents.

Can you use my home’s built-in tubes-in-the-wall system for interior pest control?

No, the company that installed the system retains proprietary rights to utilizing them.

What should I do with my dog/cat during service? I have a parrot or a fish tank, can I have interior services?

All our products are pet and family friendly once dry, which can take 30-90 minutes. We recommend putting cats/dogs in a room that is not being treated or in their kennels for that time. Birds and fish require a bit more precaution, if you want the interior treated it is best if you can have the bird out of the home for 24 hours

Can you treat my trees/garden?

We can treat the base of trees and gardens but will not treat around fruit or vegetable plants.

I have chickens/bunnies/fish in the backyard, can you still treat that area?

We cannot treat any closer than 30 feet to any body of water including pools and ponds, we cannot utilize granule (pellet) form treatment in yards with chickens, and we recommend keeping all pets off the lawn/treated areas until the liquid products have dried, which can take 30-90 minutes.

Do you provide lawn care services?


I’m not satisfied with the results, can I get my money back?

We will come out as many times as we need to at no additional cost to you to ensure your home is protected. Request a reservice via the app or contact support.

What are our policies about treating Attic and Crawl Spaces?

Attics: Our Service Pros will only enter attics with fully finished flooring, otherwise they will reach in to perform treatment.

Crawl Spaces: Our Service Pros can enter crawl spaces if they are 5’ high.

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