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Oriental Cockroaches Guide

Oriental Cockroaches are common pests that love to live in damp, dark, and warm places. On top of being agile, infesting rapidly, and spreading diseases, these pests typically require expert treatment to be effectively eradicated.



Oriental Cockroaches

For Oriental Cockroaches, our experts take a thorough approach to ensure that these pests are appropriately targeted and treated. We utilize a combination of dusting treatments and bait options near entryways in the homes, around furniture, and in dark and damp places that cockroaches love to live to make sure these tricky pests stay away. We also can treat the perimeter of your home to create a barrier that keep them from coming back.

Our pest experts take a tailored approach when treating your property and work to ensure that your concerns are addressed and your home is protected, inside and out. We’re dedicated to providing you with peace of mind and making sure you enjoy your home.

Oriental Cockroaches FAQ

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  • What do oriental roaches look like?
  • How big are oriental roaches?
  • Are oriental roaches dangerous?

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