Why Are Bugs Attracted to Water?


Like most other species, insects need water to survive. This is why they are often attracted to humid areas – a leading cause of insect infestations in homes is due to humidity issues. While there are thousands of species that are attracted to water, there are a few pesky types that are more likely to be found inside homes. Keep reading to learn more about humidity bugs, how to prevent them, and how to get rid of them if you have an infestation.

Why Are Bugs Attracted to Moisture?

While a few species are attracted to moisture for other reasons, it’s typically because they need to draw moisture from their surroundings in order to survive. Not only are insects attracted to damp areas inside the home, but they can often be found in wet areas around the outside of homes as well.

Types of Bugs Attracted to Water

Although nearly every insect species needs some source of moisture to survive, here are a few common species to watch out for.


Roaches love damp environments. Even if you’re home is sparkling clean, cockroaches may be present due to pipe leaks or other reasons. If you’re finding roaches around your home or even find evidence of them, you will definitely want to hire cockroach extermination before the problem gets out of hand.


If you’re finding earwigs in or around your home, it’s likely they’ve formed a colony nearby. They typically nest in moist mulch or leaves, but they can make nests inside your home if there is a moist area with some clutter for them to hide in. They’re one of the most common humidity bugs because they seem to be constantly thirsty.


These silver pests need high levels of humidity to survive. If you see them in your home, it’s a likely sign that you have an issue with dampness or perhaps a leak you’re unaware of. Often times, silverfish extermination introduces you to home issues you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


In addition to food, ants are attracted to damp areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. Make sure to keep everything in your home clean and dry to prevent ants.


Wood-boring bugs like termites are attracted to homes with moist wood because it’s easier to chew than dry wood. This is why it’s important to eliminate any water leaks or moisture buildups that you’re aware of. If you use firewood, make sure to store it as far away from the house as possible in case there are termites inside. (Aptive does not treat for termites)


Do you ever wonder why there are so many mosquitos when you go camping at the lake? These biting insects love standing water such as ponds, lakes, rivers, gutters, pools, and other areas because they lay eggs near water. They can even be attracted to backyard pools, so make sure to use mosquito repellants (especially during warm months).

Pill Bugs

These insects are technically crustaceans that breathe through gills, so they really need moist environments to survive. They can often be found outside in wet grass, gardens, soil, and sometimes they make their way indoors as well. If a home infestation occurs, pill bug extermination may be necessary.

Preventing Humidity Bugs

There are a few measures you can take to prevent insects seeking moisture from entering your home. For one, it’s important to seal all cracks and other potential entry points to your home. Bugs like earwigs and ants can fit into the tiniest of cracks, so you’ll need to perform a thorough search. Additionally, make sure to eliminate all sources of moisture in your home (this can be done using a dehumidifier). Make sure to check any hidden areas that could be at risk.

Eliminating Humidity Bugs

If you’re already experiencing issues with bugs that love moisture and you’ve already tried eliminating the source of moisture, you may likely need to call professional pest control to help with the problem. Not only can your local Aptive Environmental team eliminate the bugs, but we will help you fix the source of the problem so the bugs stay gone for good. Our services ensure that if the insects we exterminate come back, we will too (at no additional cost)!