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United To Beat Malaria

Non-Profit Organization

United to Beat Malaria

United to Beat Malaria is the world’s largest grassroots campaign working to beat malaria for good. This UN-partnered foundation has donated millions of nets, provided widespread medical resources, and saved countless lives. Working alongside them, we are committed to keeping families safe and providing peace of mind. Aptive is honored to support this life-changing cause.

K-12 School

Saminay-El Legado

For over five years, Aptive has partnered with Saminay-El Legado, an isolated school high in the Andes Mountains. Each year, Aptive makes a trip to Ecuador to provide resources, build additions to the school, and most importantly, connect with the students and families of Saminay El-Legado.

Saminay El-Legado School

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