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Aptive’s pest control solutions maintain your home's protection as our #1 priority. Our application methods, training, and techniques set us apart from other pest control companies in Las Vegas and nationwide. Book a consultation today to begin protecting your home from pests.

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Pest Control in Las Vegas


Whether it’s through a small gap in a pipe sealing or a spacious cavern under your door, ants can enter your home from anywhere. Most over-the-counter products are no match for the sheer volume issue of pesky pests at your home. That’s why residual products from Aptive Environmental attack and destroy the ants’ nests, greatly decreasing the chance of re-infestation.


Heads up, Las Vegas: if you see one cockroach in your environment, it’s likely that you haven’t seen them all. The few cockroaches you see likely means they have been forced out by overcrowding. Luckily, Aptive provides pest control solutions for 5 distinct types of cockroaches found nationwide.


Homeowners in the outskirts of Las Vegas may find themselves with a particular pest problem. Scorpions tend to seek dark environments in order to stay hidden. These pests are not only creepy to look at, but can also cause their neighbors and victims pain. If you find a scorpion in your home or work environment, pest control is essential to avoiding the risk of a sting.

Pest Control Prevention Tips:

Outdoor Pest Control Tip: Replace old weather-stripping on doors and windows, and make sure that the foundation and any attic vents in your home are gap-free. Indoor Pest Control Tip: Check for plumbing leaks and gaps in the sealing around your pipes, particularly behind cabinets. Water can accumulate in these areas, creating an excess of moisture that may attract pests.

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