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Pest control in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas.

Common pests in Minneapolis, MN

Thousands of lakes, thousands of pests.

For those living in Minneapolis, preventing pests can be tricky. Pests are attracted to warm spaces, food storage, and damp or wet environments. Expert pest control can help keep your home protected against infestations and prepared for invading pests. Call Aptive today.

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More on pest control in Minneapolis, MN

How do I keep pests out of my home in Minneapolis?

To keep pests out of your home in Minneapolis, it is essential to maintain good sanitation practices by regularly cleaning and removing food debris. Sealing any cracks or openings in walls, windows, and doors will help prevent pests from entering. Additionally, scheduling regular pest control inspections and treatments with a professional company will provide an effective barrier against common pests in Minneapolis, ensuring a more protected home environment.

How do you get rid of rats in Minneapolis?

To get rid of rats in Minneapolis, our professional pest control services include a thorough inspection to identify entry points, followed by targeted treatments and trapping methods to fend off rats from your property. We also provide recommendations for preventive measures to avoid future rat problems.

What are the most common bugs in Minneapolis?

The most common bugs in Minneapolis include ants, mosquitoes, spiders, boxelder bugs, and wasps. Our pest control services are designed to address these common pests, providing effective treatments and preventive measures to keep your home maintained from pests.

How often should you get pest control in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

The frequency of pest control in Minneapolis, Minnesota depends on factors such as the type of pests, the severity of infestation, and the specific needs of your property. We recommend scheduling regular pest control services at least once every 30-60 days to address any emerging issues promptly.

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