What to Look For When Hiring a Pest Control Company

January 2020

When hiring a professional exterminator, there are plenty of options on the market. If you’re new to pest services, you might wonder what the difference is and what you should look for when picking a company. Should you hire a small local exterminator? A large chain? This article provides you with the information you need to pick the perfect professional pest control company.

What Services Do Professional Exterminators Offer?

The first step when hiring a professional exterminator is to make sure they offer services for the type of insect you need. Some companies specialize in certain bugs or pests, so it may save you some time to check beforehand. If you have a unique circumstance such as a snail infestation or a black widow infestation.

Small vs. Large Professional Pest Control Company

It can be hard to determine whether to go with a small, local professional exterminator or a larger company. With a larger company, you often get promises and large amounts of experience. Everyone professional exterminator within the company is extensively trained – at Aptive, we only source the best employees who are truly passionate about what they do.

With a small business, however, you’re able to support the local economy and perhaps even people you know. The decision is completely up to you (just make sure they know what they’re doing and have good reviews)! Above everything else, make sure the employees are properly certified and trained.

Experience & Reviews

It’s a relief to discover the company you’re looking to hire has a large background in their field. For example, we have been around for years and have offices in nearly every US state. We have had enough time to set our systems in place and make sure the job is done right, every time.

Similarly, always make sure to check reviews to see what others have to say about the company.


Not only should you rely on your pest control company to be there when you have an infestation, but they should be your go-to source for knowledge as well! A blog is one great way to determine if your company is knowledgeable in their field. Make sure they post knowledgeable, informal posts. Although a company without a blog may just be a little behind in technology, it’s always a great bonus to receive up-to-date articles and alerts.

It’s also important to speak with employees and make sure they know what they’re talking about. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Free Quote

It’s always shady when a professional pest control company doesn’t offer a free quote or even give you average pricing ranges on an initial phone call. Often times, these companies will state that they can’t quote you on the phone without inspecting your home first. Then, they rush you to book an in-person appointment so you don’t compare them with their competition. They will inspect your home, then give you an overpriced quote or sell you services you don’t really need.

Aptive Environmental always offers free quotes.


Few pest companies stand behind their services the way we do. We are so confident that we will do an amazing job, that we will come back at no additional cost if the bugs come back. Just one service with Aptive becomes a life-long relationship, at no extra cost! When you hire an exterminator, treatments like this can make a huge difference.

Bonus Perks

Although you may not be looking selectively for certain perks, it’s always nice to have bonuses. As mentioned earlier, it’s great when pest companies share blog posts and other sources of pest-related information for home owners. There are hundreds of useful topics to cover!

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