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  • Starting with a thorough inspection, Aptive certified pest specialists create a personalized plan for the size and shape of your home, yard, and garden.

  • Our products minimize the risk of pest infestations while keeping your property plant- and pet-friendly.

  • You’re covered all year long with our comprehensive Four Seasons Protection Plan.

  • Outstanding customer service and knowledgeable specialists make Aptive the best choice for your home or business.

Aptive makes pest control convenient and worry-free. Start living more comfortably in your home today. Protect yourself from future infestations by making an appointment with Aptive Environmental’s Lakewood branch.

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Aptive Environmental Pest Control Services in the Denver Area

Aptive customizes effective, eco-friendly pest control solutions for your business. With our dedicated professionals and expert knowledge about various industries, we control pests quickly and completely. Enjoy year-round protection and unbeatable customer service from Aptive’s Lakewood branch. Our application methods prioritize your workers by aiming to reduce the potential health risks of pest control.

How to Keep Pests Away from Your House

The best tip for keeping pests out of your home is keeping food sealed and garbage controlled. Crumbs and food scraps attract pests more than anything else, and pests are experts at exploiting every half-closed bag and forgotten trash can for food sources. To avoid accidentally inviting bugs into your kitchen, be sure to seal all food in the refrigerator or in containers made of glass or metal. Avoid leaving dishes unattended in the sink by locking them in the dishwasher after you’ve finished using them. Homeowners should also change garbage bags frequently.

Composting in Lakewood, CO

One method of reducing waste that’s used by many people is composting. Since 30% of all household waste in the U.S. is organic material, composting is a great way to reduce the amount that goes to landfills.1 However, it also increases the risk of attracting insects and rodents to your home. Luckily, you can still help prevent pests by following these tips: If you think the smell of food in your garbage bag or compost bin is particularly strong, cover the waste with a layer of dried leaves or dirt to hide it from annoying insects. Avoid composting animal products, such as meat or bones, at home. Instead, store it in a sealed container until you can take it to a local composting facility. Or, simply make your compost bin less accessible to pests by surrounding it with wire, rocks, bricks or other obstacles.

Pests that can help your compost bin and garden

It’s true: there are some pests that can actually help your garden. Slugs and pill bugs are definitely pests but they do offer small benefits to compost piles. For example, these pests aerate waste and soil as they move through it, helping your plants to get more oxygen. They also leave behind natural fertilizer. The problems begin when these pests start to multiply and become an infestation, damaging your garden and threatening your home. If you start to see signs of this, call Aptive’s Lakewood branch right away to make an appointment with a certified pest specialist and discuss custom solutions for your home.

Common Spring Pests in Lakewood

Pavement ants are a huge nuisance in the spring when they’ve just woken up from winter hibernation. Earwigs also reemerge in the spring in places where they can find moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Aphids take advantage of spring’s fresh blooms by feeding on flowers and tree leaves.

Common Summer Pests in Lakewood

Wasps and bees increase in activity as late spring turns to summer. These stinging insects often nest in inconvenient places, like patios and roofs. Cockroaches are also especially active in the summer, searching through tall lawns and indoors for crumbs.

Common Fall Pests in Lakewood

Fall is the season when your home is in danger of becoming a hibernation center for pests. Millipedes, carpet beetles and ants are three of the most common culprits in the Denver area. Spiders love to build webs in dark corners of cluttered storage rooms or low traffic areas. And mice can be the worst offenders, finding ways into walls and damaging wiring as they build winter nests.

Common Winter Pests in Lakewood

Though many pests go into some form of hibernation during the cold months, cockroaches remain active year round. Mice, too, still need to eat. You might catch a glimpse of one scurrying back to its hole after scavenging for food during daylight hours.

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Taylor was a sharp gentleman. He took his time to thoroughly treat my home and yard. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions.

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The Service Pro was a very pleasant individual. He arrived ready to work! He explained the target areas and was prepared to take care of all our needs. Thank you for taking care of our home!

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Absolutely amazing company, they take great care of their employees as well as customers!


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